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01 alkyl halide reactions worksheet key

01 alkyl halide reactions worksheet key - CHEMSTRY 225...

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Unformatted text preview: CHEMSTRY 225 ALKYL HALIDE REACTIONS WORKSHEET Complete the following organic reactions by providing structures for the reactant, product, or reagent as required. If no reaction is expected under the reaction conditions, write "NR." and explain briefly why the reaction fails. HINT: first consider the structural type of the alkyl halide. cchHg CI-I30H2([3CH20H3 Br C9 Ci“; CH3 CAL“? C 7" C 3 + a; at Ut- a; Igor —-——-—b CH3CH2CE4CHzcl-lleI-ICH3 (from compounds of five or fewer carbons) ta 9H3 — e G/CHchs CH30H20 _ --—‘~‘--—--‘—-—‘—I| .. bl CH3CH20H 3L9 (Rig/0H 'NaH Haa- "xx [Org Lett. 2001, 3, 1741] o3 CH30H20H + CchHCHgBr ...
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