CME 211 HW3 instructions

CME 211 HW3 instructions - Homework Assignment#3...

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Unformatted text preview: Homework Assignment #3 Matrix-Matrix Multiplication Margot Gerritsen Shela Aboud Emmet Caulfield January 16, 2010 1 1 Introduction In this homework assignment, you will use svn , the command-line Subversion client, to export a simple standalone matrix-vector multiplication program from a Subversion repository, import the source into the appropriate place in your personal repository, and alter the program to implement matrix-matrix multi- plication. You may collaborate and consult freely with other people, but this is not a team or group assignment — your solution must be your own. You can examine the (beautified) source-code and documentation generated with Doxygen at ~ emmetc/CME-211/HW3 . 2 Instructions Read this entire document right through closely before you do anything else. 2.1 Directory Structure and Import Your personal repository is at your-sunet-id . First, export 1 the content of HW3/trunk into an empty temporary directory and import it into your per- sonal repository with the correct structure (outlined in HW2). You should now delete the temporary directory — remember that it is not a checked-out lo- cal copy of the repository, it is only the bare source code that you export ed. You can read more about Subversion in the online book, Version Control with Subversion . After these export and import operations, the trunk for this homework assign- ment should be at your-sunet-id /HW3/trunk — this is what we will collect from cees-svn at the assignment deadline. 2.2 The Task You are given a matrix-vector multiplication in mvm.c . Your task is to write an analogous program that performs matrix- matrix multiplication instead. Having checked-out a working copy of your HW3’s trunk, which should contain a src directory containing mvm.c and a Makefile , you should add a file called mmm.c 2 . You might like to start with a copy of mvm.c and work on the copy....
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CME 211 HW3 instructions - Homework Assignment#3...

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