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HW6 instructions - Homework Assignment #6 Debugging Margot...

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Unformatted text preview: Homework Assignment #6 Debugging Margot Gerritsen Shela Aboud Emmet Caulfield February 12, 2010 1 1 Introduction In this homework assignment, you are given a partially complete matrix utility library, almost identical to that used in the Midterm Assessment . This library is used by a program, ef-adv , to compute successive timesteps of a simple advection using forward Euler , and then, at each time-step, plot the result. The program uses the X Window System (aka X11 ) for plotting. You will need to use a computer with an X Server installed and enable X11 forwarding over ssh by using ssh -X . See http://unixdocs.stanford.edu/ UsingX.html , http://unixdocs.stanford.edu/moreX.html and/or http:// tinyurl.com/yd8qkto for details. A number of bugs have been deliberately introduced into this code. Your task is to make the code run correctly and compile cleanly without any compiler or make errors or warnings , describing how you found and fixed each bug. As before, you will use svn to interact with your personal Subversion repository, as used from Homework #2 onward and, again, with the structure prescribed in Homework #2 . You may collaborate and consult freely with other people, but this is not a team or group assignment your solution must be your own. You can examine the (beautified) source-code and documentation, generated with Doxygen , for the partially complete library at http://www.stanford. edu/ ~ emmetc/CME-211/HW6/doc . You will not be able to do this assignment on cardinal because it doesnt have the necessary X11 development headers installed. 2 Instructions Read every word of this entire document right through closely before you do anything else. Absolutely do not skim. 2.1 Directory Structure and Import First, export the content of http://cees-svn.stanford.edu/homeworks/HW6/ trunk into an empty temporary directory and import it into your personal repository at http://cees-svn.stanford.edu/ your-sunet-id...
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HW6 instructions - Homework Assignment #6 Debugging Margot...

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