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Testing Markets for Electricity

Testing Markets for Electricity - i Testing Markets for...

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/ i / ; Testing Markets for Electricity Using PowerWeb Test 3: Energy Market with QuantitylPrice Offers & Full Market Information You will represent one of the six firms in the 30 bus network. Each firm owns 3 generators at a single location, with a total capacity of 60 MW. In each period you will be given a forecast of the total system load, which varies from period to period. The actual load will be within 10 MW of the forecast, and is scaled uniformly from the values shown onthe network diagram You will submit, for each generator the minimum price at which you are willing to sell the capacity of that generator and the quantity you wish to offer' for sale Thereis a PIice Cap of $IOO/MW All offer s submitted must be less than 01 equal to the Price Cap .. All films submit offers for energy into a central auction run by an Independent System Operator (ISO), and the ISO selects the least expensive combination of offers to meet the system load and
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