MAX1202-MAX1203 - 19-1173; Rev 2; 5/98 KIT ATION EVALU ABLE...

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For free samples & the latest literature:, or phone 1-800-998-8800. For small orders, phone 1-800-835-8769. General Description The MAX1202/MAX1203 are 12-bit data-acquisition systems specifically designed for use in applications with mixed +5V (analog) and +3V (digital) supply volt- ages. They operate with a single +5V analog supply or dual ±5V analog supplies, and combine an 8-channel multiplexer, high-bandwidth track/hold, and serial inter- face with high conversion speed and low power con- sumption. A 4-wire serial interface connects directly to SPI™/MICROWIRE™ devices without external logic, and a serial strobe output allows direct connection to TMS320-family digital signal processors. The MAX1202/MAX1203 use either the internal clock or an external serial-interface clock to perform successive- approximation analog-to-digital conversions. The serial interface operates at up to 2MHz. The MAX1202 features an internal 4.096V reference, while the MAX1203 requires an external reference. Both parts have a reference-buffer amplifier that simplifies gain trim. They also have a VL pin that is the power supply for the digital outputs. Output logic levels (3V, 3.3V, or 5V) are determined by the value of the voltage applied to this pin. These devices provide a hard-wired SHDN pin and two software-selectable power-down modes. Accessing the serial interface automatically powers up the devices. A quick turn-on time enables the MAX1202/MAX1203 to be shut down between conversions, allowing the user to optimize supply currents. By customizing power- down between conversions, supply current can drop below 10μA at reduced sampling rates. The MAX1202/MAX1203 are available in 20-pin SSOP and DIP packages, and are specified for the commer- cial, extended, and military temperature ranges. Applications 5V/3V Mixed-Supply Systems Data Acquisition High-Accuracy Process Control Battery-Powered Instruments Medical Instruments Features 8-Channel Single-Ended or 4-Channel Differential Inputs Operates from Single +5V or Dual ±5V Supplies User-Adjustable Output Logic Levels (2.7V to 5.25V) Low Power: 1.5mA (operating mode) 2μA (power-down mode) Internal Track/Hold, 133kHz Sampling Rate Internal 4.096V Reference (MAX1202) SPI/MICROWIRE/TMS320-Compatible 4-Wire Serial Interface Software-Configurable Unipolar/Bipolar Inputs 20-Pin DIP/SSOP MAX1202/MAX1203 5V, 8-Channel, Serial, 12-Bit ADCs with 3V Digital Interface ________________________________________________________________ Maxim Integrated Products 1 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TOP VIEW DIP/SSOP V DD SCLK CS DIN SSTRB DOUT VL GND REFADJ REF SHDN V SS CH7 CH6 CH5 CH4 CH3 CH2 CH1 CH0 MAX1202 MAX1203 Pin Configuration 19-1173; Rev 2; 5/98 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Typical Operating Circuit appears at end of data sheet. SPI is a registered trademark of Motorola, Inc. MICROWIRE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corp. Ordering Information continued at end of data sheet.
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MAX1202-MAX1203 - 19-1173; Rev 2; 5/98 KIT ATION EVALU ABLE...

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