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1 LT2078/LT2079 20789fa Micropower, Dual and Quad, Single Supply, Precision Op Amps FEATURES Supply Current per Amplifier: 50 μ A Max Offset Voltage: 70 μ V Max Offset Current: 250pA Max Voltage Noise: 0.6 μ V P-P , 0.1Hz to 10Hz Current Noise: 3pA P-P , 0.1Hz to 10Hz Offset Voltage Drift: 0.4 μ V/ ° C Gain Bandwidth Product: 200kHz Slew Rate: 0.07V/ μ s Single Supply Operation Input Voltage Range Includes Ground Output Swings to Ground while Sinking Current No Pull-Down Resistors Needed Output Sources and Sinks 5mA Load Current SO Package with Standard Pinout DESCRIPTIO N U The LT ® 2078 is a micropower dual op amp in 8-pin small outline, standard surface mount package, and LT2079 is a micropower quad op amp offered in the standard 14-pin surface mount package. Both devices are optimized for single supply operation at 5V. ± 15V specifications are also provided. Micropower performance of competing devices is achieved at the expense of seriously degrading precision, noise, speed and output drive specifications. The design effort of the LT2078/LT2079 was concentrated on reducing sup- ply current without sacrificing other parameters. The offset voltage achieved is the lowest on any dual or quad nonchopper stabilized op amp––micropower or other- wise. Offset current, voltage and current noise, slew rate and gain bandwidth product are all two to ten times better than on previous micropower op amps. Both the LT2078/LT2079 can be operated from a single supply (as low as one lithium cell or two NiCd batteries). The input range goes below ground. The all NPN output stage swings to within a few millivolts of ground while sinking current––no power consuming pull-down resis- tors are needed. For applications requiring DIP packages refer to the LT1078/LT1079. , LTC and LT are registered trademarks of Linear Technology Corporation. Battery or Solar-Powered Systems Portable Instrumentation Remote Sensor Amplifier Satellite Circuitry Micropower Sample-and-Hold Thermocouple Amplifier Micropower Filters TYPICAL APPLICATIO N Single Battery, Micropower, Gain = 100, Instrumentation Amplifier Distribution of Input Offset Voltage INPUT OFFSET VOLTAGE ( μ V) –120 NUMBER OF OP AMPS 0 80 2078/79 • TA02 –80 –40 40 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 120 V S = 5V, 0V 5000 OP AMPS + INVERTING –INPUT 1M 2 3 1 6 5 7 A 1/2 LT2078 10.1k 1M 10.1k NONINVERTING +INPUT B 1/2 LT2078 4 8 3V (Li-Ion) OUT TYPICAL PERFORMANCE INPUT OFFSET VOLTAGE = 40 μ V INPUT OFFSET CURRENT = 0.2nA TOTAL POWER DISSIPATION = 240 μ W COMMON MODE REJECTION = 110dB (AMPLIFIER LIMITED) GAIN BANDWIDTH PRODUCT = 200kHz OUTPUT NOISE = 85 μ V P-P 0.1Hz TO 10Hz = 300 μ V RMS OVER FULL BANDWIDTH INPUT RANGE = 0.03V TO 1.8V OUTPUT RANGE = 0.03V TO 2.3V (0.3mV V IN + – V IN 23mV) OUTPUTS SINK CURRENT—NO PULL-DOWN RESISTORS LT2078/79 • TA01 APPLICATIO N S APPLICATIO S
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2 LT2078/LT2079 20789fa Consult LTC Marketing for parts specified with wider operating temperature ranges. ABSOLUTE M AXI M U M RATINGS W WW U Supply Voltage . ..................................................... ± 22V Differential Input Voltage . ...................................... ± 30V Input Voltage . .............. Equal to Positive Supply Voltage ............
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LT2079 - LT 2078/LT 2079 Micropower, Dual and Quad, Single...

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