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Unformatted text preview: Questionnaire Example 2 《XXX Magazine》整體雜誌內容調查 A study of perceived contents by existing readers -"XXX Magzine" 您好,我們是理工大學專上學院二年級學生。我們現正進行一項關於《XXX Magazine》 的專題研習,希望您能夠花約 10 分鐘完成這問卷。 We are the 2nd year student of the Hong Kong Community College of HKPU. We are doing a group project about “XXX Magazine”. We are grateful if you could spend about 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire for us. 所有收集到的資料將會保密處理並只會作學術研習之用,閣下的寶貴意見能為我們的研習 提供重要的調查結果。 All the given information will be kept confidential and used for academic purpose only. Please note that your participation is very important for our research findings. 第一部份 Part I General question 1. 在過去 30 天內,閣下是否曾經看過《XXX Magazine》這本雜誌? Have you ever seen “XXX Magazine” magazine during past 30 days? □是 Yes (請回答第 3 題/Please move to Question 3) □否 No (請回答第 2 題/Please move to Question 2) 2. 不購買的該雜誌的原因: The reason(s) why you do not read this magazine: (可選擇多於一項 More than one choice is allowed ) □不感興趣 Not interested □內容不雅 Unesthetic content □浪費金錢 Waste of money □浪費時間 Waste of time □不知道有《XXX Magazine》這雜誌 Never heard about “XXX Magazine” 3. 在過去 30 天內,你共看了《XXX Magazine》多少次? How many times did you read “XXX Magazine” magazine in the past 30 days? □沒有看過 □一至兩次 □三至四次 never 1 to 2 times 3 to 4 times 1 □五次或以上 5 times or above 第二部份 Part II 封面 Cover Page 4. 對於《XXX Magazine》的雜誌封面的滿意程度: Degree of satisfaction to the front cover of “XXX Magazine” magazine: (1 分為非常不滿意 1 for strongly disagree; 7 分為非常滿意 7 for strongly agree) 非常不滿意 Strongly disagree 非常滿意 Strongly agree -圖像 Photos and Pictures 2 3 4 5 6 7 -文字標題 Words and Headings 5. 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 會否為《XXX Magazine》的雜誌封面吸引而購買該雜誌? If the front cover of “XXX Magazine” magazine appealed to you, will you buy it? □會 Yes (請回答第 6 題/Please move to Question 6) □不會 No 6. 閣下認為那一類的雜誌封面較為吸引? Which type of cover page is more appeal to you? □明星私隱 Disclosure of pop-star privacy □潮流品牌 Fashion □優惠項目 Notification of coupon or free-gift □其他 Others (請說明 Please specify:__________________________________) 2 第三部份 Part III 內容 Content 7. 雜誌目錄的指引,能否方便你找出相應的專題內容? Is it convenient for you to find a specific topic with the help of index page? (1 分為非常不方便 1 for very inconvenience; 7 分為非常方便 7 for very convenience) 非常不方便 Very inconvenience 1 2 3 8. 4 5 非常方便 Very convenience 6 7 你認為該雜誌的內容與其封面標題相符嗎? Do you think the content of the magazine is relevant to the headings in the front cover? (1 分為非常不相符 1 for very irrelevant; 7 分為非常相符 7 for very relevant) 非常不方便 Very irrelevant 1 2 3 9. 4 5 非常方便 Very relevant 6 7 對於這些不相符的內容與標題,你的接受程度: What is the degree of acceptance towards the irrelevant contents and headings? (1 分為非常不接受 1 for totally unacceptable; 7 分為完全接受 7 for totally acceptable) 非常不接受 Totally unacceptable 1 2 3 4 完全接受 Totally acceptable 5 6 7 10. 對於該雜誌的內容,你是否完全相信? To what extent you believe in “XXX Magazine”? (1 分為完全不相信 1 for totally unbelievable; 7 分為完全相信 7 for totally believable) 非常不接受 Totally unacceptable 1 2 3 4 完全接受 Totally acceptable 5 6 7 3 11. 對於雜誌的措詞用字(如潮爆、姣電),你為是否恰當? What is the degree of appropriateness about the delivery of specific terms in the magazine? (1 分為完全不恰當 1 for totally inappropriate; 7 分為完全恰當 7 for totally appropriate) 完全不相信 Totally inappropriate 1 2 3 4 完全相信 Totally appropriate 5 6 7 12. 你較喜歡該雜誌那一類型已有的內容,請排序: Please rank your preferences of the existing content of “XXX Magazine”: (1 為最不喜歡 1 for least preferable,5 為最喜歡 5 for most preferable) □封面故事 Cover Story □消閒娛樂 Entertainment □潮流資訊 Fashion □專欄 special column □其他 others (如星座運程 e.g. Horoscope) 12. 如該雜誌多加一項內容,你會選擇以下那一項?請在選項的方格上打勾。 If “XXX Magazine" would like to add one more topic in the content, which of the following will be more appeal to you? Please put a tick in the box provided. (可選擇多於一項 More than one choice is allowed ) □有獎遊戲 □連載小說 Short novel □健康資訊 Health Information □旅遊資訊 Traveling Information □教育資訊 Educational Information □電子科技 Electronic & Technology □職業資訊 Occupational Information □其他 Others(請說明 please specify:___________) 14. 雜誌內,廣告的出現次數是否恰當? Is the amount of advertisements in the magazine appropriate? □ 恰當 Appropriate □不恰當 Inappropriate (請回答第 15 題/Please move to Question 15) 4 15. 如不恰當,你認為廣告的出現次數應有多少? If inappropriate, what is the percentage of advertisements appearance do you think is appropriate? □佔全雜誌的百分 10 10% of the magazine □佔全雜誌的百分 20 20% of the magazine □佔全雜誌的百分 30 或以上 30% or above of the magazine 16. 閣下是否曾經看過《XXX Magazine》隨書付送的《XYZ guide》? Have you ever seen the supplement “XYZ guide” of “XXX Magazine”? □是 Yes (請回答第 18 題/Please move to Question 18) □否 No (請回答第 17 題/Please move to Question 17) 17. 未曾看過的《XYZ guide》的原因: The reason(s) why you do not read“XYZ guide": (可選擇多於一項 More than one choice is allowed ) □不感興趣 □內容乏味 □浪費時間 □不曾發現《XYZ guide》 Not interested Dull content Waste of time Cannot notice “XYZ guide” 18. 隨書付送的《XYZ guide》對閣下計劃購買《XXX Magazine》的重要性有多大? If yes, how important is “XYZ guide” affect the purchase decision of “XXX Magazine”? (1 分為非常不重要 1 for very unimportant; 7 分為非常重要 7 for very important) 非常不重要 Very unimportant 1 2 3 4 5 非常重要 Very important 6 7 5 第四部份 Part IV 個人資料 Personal Information 19. 性別 Gender □ 男 Male □ 女 Female 20. 年齡 Age □ 18 以下 Below 18 □ 18-29 □ 30-39 □ 40-49 □ 50 或以上 50 or above □ 拒絕回答 Refuse to answer 21. 教育程度 Educational level □ 未受過教育/幼稚園 No schooling/kindergarden □ 小學(小一至小六) Primary (P1-P6) □ 初中(中一至中三) Lower secondary (F.1-F.3) □ 高中(中四至中五) Upper secondary (F.4-F.5) □ 預科(中六、或中六至中七) Matriculation (F.6-F.7) □ 非學位專上教育 Tertiary: Non-degree □ 大學或以上 Tertiary: Degree or above □ 拒絕回答 Refuse to answer 22. 職業 Occupation □ 經理及行政人員 Managers and administrators □ 專業人員 Professionals □ 文員 Clerks □ 服務工作及商店銷售人員 Service workers and shop sales workers □ 機器操作員及裝配員 Plant and machine operators and assemblers □ 非技術工人或漁農業熟練工人 Elementary occupations or skilled agricultural & fishery workers □ 自己做生意 Business Owner □ 學生、料理家務者或退休人士 Student, home-makers or retires □ 待業 Unemployed person □ 其他 Others □ 拒絕回答 Refuse to answer ----End of interview. Thank you---- 6 ...
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