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Department of Marketing MKT3602 Marketing Research Group Assignment 2 – Data Analysis Using SPSS Instructions Due date: Week 13 during class Page Limit: 10-12 A4 pages (excluding Appendices) Brief Background “” runs their internet Travel Ticketing service for about one year. Like other online traveling agency (e.g. or, they primarily sell and promote various kinds of air tickets and traveling packages electronically and customers will make their purchase using credit cards online. The management believes that their business has been running satisfactorily with acceptable sales and profits. In order to formulate better future marketing strategy, an online survey was carried out. All the respondents (total: 1400) were recruited either immediately after they made their purchase through the company website. Your Tasks Based on the survey findings, your task is to help the management to study and analyze the findings and ultimately, to make recommendations. Please answer the following questions in order. You need to use SPSS to perform the following analysis. You need to include the relevant SPSS outputs (not all!) to your written answers where necessary. You can include other SPSS outputs (less important or less relevant ones) as appendices as they will not be counted toward the page limit. You should answer ALL questions on the next page. 1
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Assignment Questions 1. Research background analysis (20%) Specify ONE management problem, TWO marketing research problems and FOUR research questions of this survey. 2. Descriptive statistics analysis (20%) a. Describe the respondents’ background in terms of their demographic profile (3%) b. Describe the Internet purchase habit and the attitudes towards Internet purchase among the respondents (5%) c. Which are the top three media customers find out about (2%) d. What is the most important factor for considering purchasing air-tickets/ tour packages? (1%) e. How do respondents of various income levels differ in ranking the most
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GroupAssign2 - Department of Marketing MKT3602 Marketing...

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