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ex2_s20101 - θ for b=10 in h = 32-in and w varying between...

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ECOR 2606 - Assignment #2 1. You are building a picnic table with legs in an X configuration. The beams are b-in wide, the legs are w-in apart and are h-in high. You need to calculate the cutoff angle θ in order to saw off the legs at the correct angle. You can show that: w sin θ = h cos θ + b ....(1) a) Write a Matlab function thetaone.m that, given w, h and b, calculates θ . b) There is an analytical solution to this problem: sin θ = (2 wb + sqrt( (2wb) 2 – 4(w 2 +h 2 )(b 2 – h 2 )))/(2(w 2 +h 2 )) ....(2) Write a Matlab function thetatwo.m that, given w, b and h, calculates theta in degrees using this equation. c) Demonstrate that thetaone.m and thetatwo.m give the same values of
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Unformatted text preview: θ for b=10 in, h = 32-in and w varying between 36-in to 48-in. Use fzero to determine what value of w produces an angle of 60 degrees. Include all your commands in the script file q1.m. Submit q1.m, thetaone.m and thetatwo.m by 11:30 pm Saturday May 29, 2010. d) Not to be handed in for assessment, but extremely useful to do for practice for the midterm and final examinations. Using equation (1), use the Bisection and Newton’s methods to find θ when b = 8-in, h=36-in and w =24-in. Choose two suitable boundaries, or starting point, as the method requires, and do three full iterations. Estimate the error after your last iteration....
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