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ECOR 2606 - Assignment #1 Question 1: Suppose that, due to an unfortunate human error, the skydiver we discussed in the first lecture is initially only 100m above the ground. How may seconds will elapse before contact? This is a root finding problem. Plot (figure 1) the function involved for t from 0 to 10 seconds and use fzero to locate the function's root. Output the root using fprintf, including words that identify the value displayed. All of the data required to answer this question can be found in the slides for the first lecture. Question 2: A certain variety of bird, the nuthatch, feeds from Saskatoon berry trees. The number of berries (kg/tree) is given by the equation: b(t) = log 1.05 (0.5t-4), t>10 b(t) = 0, t<= 10 where t is measured in hours. The birds will continue to feed to time t* until the instantaneous
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Unformatted text preview: rate of change of the berries is less than the average rate of change from t=0 to t*, then it moves on to another tree. Recall from Grade 12 Advanced Functions that the average rate of change is given by (b(t*) – b(0))/(t* - 0). Plot b(t), db/dt, and the average rate of change of b(t), then use fzero to find t*. Output t* using fprintf, including words that identifies the value displayed. . To be submitted: Submit two Matlab script m-file (q1.m and q2.m) that produces the required plots and outputs the solutions to the two questions (use fprintf and include words that identify the values displayed). Deadline: Saturday May 22 11:30 pm...
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