FINAL PROJECT HCR 220 - How HIPAA Violations affect the...

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How HIPAA Violations affect the medical Billing Process (Part Two) Final Project 11/15/2009 HCR 220 Megan Parke
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HIV and AIDS information is more sensitive than other types of health conditions because of the severity of the many ways it can be transmitted. HIV and AIDS can be transmitted in many different ways such as contact with bodily fluids in an open spot on the body. If the information was not disclosed about the patient having the disease those taking care of him might not take the proper precautions in taking care of the patient. Socially and ethically the patient (Mr. Brown) should inform those who might come in contact with his bodily fluids about him condition, and help them understand that there are precautions they might want to take to ensure themselves from not getting the disease. Legally Mr. Brown would be inclined to inform anyone, such as employers of his condition. HIV and AIDS is a very sensitive subject for the patient and the physician; especially in the case of James Brown since symptoms are determined to be advanced AIDS with manifestation of Kaposi’s sarcoma and other opportunistic infections. This would point to taking extra precautions, especially with the unknown opportunistic
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FINAL PROJECT HCR 220 - How HIPAA Violations affect the...

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