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Final Project PSY 210 - Case Study #1 Final Project...

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Case Study #1 Final Project 6/6/2010 PSY 210 Megan Parke
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2 Case Study 1 6/6/10 The stress in Jennifer’s life comes from many directions in her case. The most overall stressor is how she is feeling that everyone is depending on her for something, whether it be at work or at home. Jennifer’s husband and in-laws are pressuring her into getting pregnant right away; when Jennifer just miscarried eight months ago. On top of family issues, Jennifer’s co-workers are depending on her to have everything ready and organized for them. Jennifer is like the head runner at her job, everyone looks to her for everything. If that isn’t enough for Jennifer, she also has to face placing her father in a nursing facility against his wishes. I can see that Jennifer’s stress if affecting her because she is now questioning her ability of handling all the different points of stress. Jennifer is questioning herself about work, her father, and now her ability to be a potential parent. I suggest that Jennifer to take a step back and analyze her situation. First thing she needs to do is talk to her husband first and tell him about all
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Final Project PSY 210 - Case Study #1 Final Project...

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