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Axia College Material Appendix B Health Care Terminology Directions: Complete Parts I and II and post to your Individual forum as an attachment. Part I: Defining Health Care Terminology Part I. Refer to pp. 20-21 in your text to complete the following exercise and record your answers below. Once you have completed the matching exercise, complete Part II. Definition Letter (a-s) Term R 1. Accounting Cycle K 2. Accounts Receivable (AR) I 3. Capitation N 4. Coinsurance F 5. Co-payment P 6. Diagnosis Code C 7. Encounter Form A 8. Explanation of Benefits (EOB) M 9. Fee-for-Service L 10. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) S 11. Health Plan J 12. Managed Care B 13. Patient Information D 14. Payer G 15. Policyholder O 16. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) H 17. Premium Q 18. Procedure Code E 19. Remittance Advice (RA) Part II: In the Field Explain why, in terms of job performance and efficiency, knowing medical billing terms is critical
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Unformatted text preview: for working in the health care field. Respond in at least 150 words and provide specific examples. Knowing what these terms are and what they mean are part of the job description. Without knowing these terms a person would not be able to fulfill their job efficiently; because when the provider ask you to make sure the patient form is filled out you need to know what form he or she is talking about. Not only that but patients will periodically ask about these words on there forms and we need to be able to help them fill out these form efficiently. So I guess when you get right down to it if we do not know these terms our jobs will not be done efficiently. hcr240r2...
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