Biol1010_-_Lab_5_-_Whats_that_mammal_-_Nov_2009 - BIOL 1010...

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BIOL 1010 “Biological Science” Fall 2009 Lab 5 – What’s that Mammal Supplemental Student Lab Notes Page 1 of 2 LAB 5 – What’s that mammal? Key construction and organismal identification REMINDERS YOU ARE IN Lumbers 109/110 FOR THIS LAB. Read ALL of Laboratory 5 , “What’s that mammal?” Complete pre-lab readings outlined at start of Lab 5 Review Linnaean System of Classification (page 424 of your textbook) It is VERY IMPORTANT that you understand what a phylogenetic tree is (see Chapter 19 of your textbook) before entering lab. Complete two pre-lab exercise questions on page 5:3 and 5:4. o Write down any questions, and ask your TA during Lab 5. o REMEMBER , it is important (and expected) that you read and understand lab notes/directions and associated readings prior to attending each lab. Pre-lab exercises should also be completed before lab. Preparing for labs is an important aspect of your scientific career, as it tends to facilitate your understanding of the material and as such can help you achieve a higher grade. It is highly recommended, and to your benefit, to
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Biol1010_-_Lab_5_-_Whats_that_mammal_-_Nov_2009 - BIOL 1010...

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