2030lecture10 - LECTURE/LAB SCHEDULE SEPTEMBER 09 10th...

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LECTURE/LAB SCHEDULE 10th - Introduction 15th – Classification/Architecture 17th – Architecture/Protozoa 22nd - Protozoa 24th – Protozoa/Porifera 29th - Cnidaria SEPTEMBER 09 8th – Pseudocoelomates 20th – Mollusca 22nd - Review 27th – Midterm Exam 29th– Annelids 3rd – Arthropoda I OCTOBER 09 6th – Platyhelminthes II 5th – Arthropoda II 12th – Vertebrate Beginnings 17th – Fishes I 19th – Fishes II 24th - Amphibians 26th – Reptiles 1st – Birds 3rd - Mammals 8th - Review NOVEMBER 09 10th – Echinodermata 1st – Platyhelminthes I DECEMBER 09 9th , Arthropods II Echinodermata 16th, Hemichordata Chordata I 23rd, Chordata II 30th, Chordata III LABS 21st, Protista 28th, Porifera Cnidaria 5th, Nematodes Platyhelminthes 19th, Mollusca 26th, Annelids LABS 2nd, Arthropods I Lab Review Dec 7 – 9th Week of Oct 12th - 16th, No Labs Lecture 10 - 1 Seating assignment for midterm exam A to Llamzon: Vari Hall A Lo to Singh: CLH G Siple to Z: ACW 205 CLH: Curtis Lecture Halls ACW: Accolade West Building Students must go to the room that they are assigned If you go to the wrong room the TA/invigilator will instruct you to leave and go to the correct room. This would likely occur when signing the attendance sheet (and you will lose time on the exam). Surname
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2030lecture10 - LECTURE/LAB SCHEDULE SEPTEMBER 09 10th...

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