Lecture 5 Synaptic Transmission blanked out

Lecture 5 Synaptic Transmission blanked out - First Exam...

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Sheet1 First Exam coming upª h Today: Synaptic Transmission h Feb 14 (Thursday): Neurotransmitter Systems h Feb 18 (Monday): Review h Feb 21 (Thursday): Exam h Keep up with the material from class and the review questions h The exam will test your understanding of the material, last minute memorization of facts will not work h Read the textbook! Lecture notes are provided as a reminder of what I covered in class, but it is not enough to only study lecture notes for the exam. You need to read the textbook to get a good understanding of the material h Take advantage of office hours! After class Mon/Thu in B430, Nelson Bio Labs h Try to do all the review questions before the review session, so you get a chance to ask about anything t that is not clear Synaptic transmission Chapter What happens after an action potential r reaches the end of the axon? Chemical and Electrical synapses h In the first half of the twentieth century the nature of synapses was debated, specifically if they relied on electrical or chemical transfer of signals h Otto Loewiý s experiment in the 1920 s demonstrated that electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve results in release of a chemical, later shown to be _____________ h Electrical synapses were first demonstrated in the 1950 s between neurons in crayfish involved in escape reflexes Loewi s experiment Page 1
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Sheet1 Electrical synapses directly transfer ionic current from one cell to another Gap junction channels are made up of two ____________ Transmission at electrical synapses is fast ª presynaptic and postsynaptic neurons are electrically coupled h Electrical synapses are bidirectional h Involved in synchronizing activity among populations of neurons. For example in brainstem neurons that generate breathing, and to coordinate growth and m maturation of neurons during embryonic development Action potential in one neuron results in postsynaptic potential in second neuron In two neurons with an __________ synapse, an action potential in the presynaptic neuron causes ions to flow across the gap junction, resulting in a postsynaptic potential (PSP) in the postsynaptic n neuron The majority of synapses in the brain are _ ___________ synapses
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Lecture 5 Synaptic Transmission blanked out - First Exam...

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