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E342coSU10 - Simon Fraser University Economics 342...

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Simon Fraser University Economics 342: International Trade Summer 2010 D. Cox Office: WMC 2660 Phone: 778-782-5826 E-mail: [email protected] Office hours: Monday 2:30-4:00pm and Thursday 2:30-4:00pm Text : Krugman, Paul and M. Obstfeld, International Trade . Custom courseware. This will be referred to as the “Text” below. As a substitute you may use: Krugman, Paul and M. Obstfeld, International Economics : Theory and Policy , 8 th edition, Addison-Wesley, 2009. This is the hardcover version of the course ware text. I do not believe this is available in the bookstore, but used copies may be available in the “used textbook market”. Evaluation : Your grade will be based on a midterm exam (35%), which will be held in class on Monday, June 28, a final exam (50%), and on tutorial work (15% - assignments 10% and participation 5%). If you miss the midterm due to a medical reason and have a doctor’s note, the weight of the midterm will be shifted to the final exam. The final exam is scheduled by the Registrar, is cumulative and covers material from the entire course. Course Outline 1. Introduction
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