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HW_1 - CE1 Hands-On Computer Engineering Research Problems...

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CE1: Hands-On Computer Engineering Research Problems 1 This is the first set of research problems for Hands-One Computer Engineering. In doing these problems, try to find information from multiple sources, and synthesize it into your answer. Engineering is a discipline of collaboration and prior art. We work in teams, using tools, techniques, and things already created, as we apply our own ingenuity to design under constraint or solve a research problem. Because of the strong emphasis on building upon the works of others, you should get into the habit early of crediting all sources and all individuals who help you solve a problem. Be lavish with your praise; it will be seen as a credit to you that you're able to pull together so many different resources in finding a solution to a problem. Because of the importance of always giving credit, the School of Engineering and UCSC also have strong policies when these standards are violated. Within Engineering, you may fail a class and be disqualified from your major for just a single violation of academic integrity standards. Similarly, your
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