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CE1: Hands-On Computer Engineering Research Problems 2 1. Undergraduate research. Take a look at some of the projects on the surf- it.soe.ucsc.edu web site. Which two are the most interesting to you and why? If you wanted to get involved on one of these projects, how might you do it? (We’ll discuss this in class as well). What’s integrative system design? 2. Scribbler. In the first scribbler lab, you figured out how to use the program and some of the basics of programming, especially of the motors.
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Unformatted text preview: a. What was the most difficult part of getting the Scribbler to draw the shape you wanted? Discuss each one that you completed in lab. b. How consistent was your robot in drawing the shapes? c. What do you think of the scribbler’s graphical programming language? d. What the most interesting thing about the scribbler? e. Reading the scribbler lab, think about the free-form project. What would you like to do? What scribbler features would you like to combine?...
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