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CE1: Hands-On Computer Engineering Research Problems 7 1. Spend some time updating and organizing your lab notebooks. I will most likely walk around and start giving you feedback over the next couple of lab meetings. Try to “flesh” the notebooks out with more details. 2. Go to the office hours of one of your classes and introduce yourself (you can tell them this is an assignment!). Possible topics could be questions about a midterm, what courses you should take next quarter based on your interests, or anything else. Briefly write about the visit. Was anyone else there? Take notes in your lab notebook. 3. Design group project. This week, we will have assigned senior design groups to be interviewed. For this assignment, you should state who is in your team, and when and where the interview will take place. While the interview should be done in a group, each of you will independently write up your own report ( due finals week, date to be announced soon ). The Fall 2009 CMPE123A site includes pictures and CVs of the students, though we do not have access yet. Engineering is
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