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Lab8 - Refer to the Programming slides on the class website...

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Programming with Python So we did a little bit of Unix hacking last week, and even modified some code for the Rogue game. This week let s actually write a real program in a cool programming language, Python. Please start by looking over the Python Guide that is linked on the class website for today. Please look at a couple of the examples and maybe watch one of the video demonstrations. 1. Once you feel you have the basics down then start by drawing a flow chart for a program that will sum a bunch of numbers together and find the average.
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Unformatted text preview: Refer to the Programming slides on the class website. Once you feel you have your flow chart well understood then try and program in Python the program. 2. Once you have your basic average program written and are ready for something a little more challenging try making a calculator program, one that does +, -, *, and /. You can more functions to this if you like but start out with the basics. Start with a flowchart. 3. Come up with a program idea of your own and bounce it off of the instructor or the tutor....
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