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Setting Goals - first will definitely steer me in the right...

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Checkpoint: Setting Goals My long term educational goal: To get my Associates degree in Accounting. A. To be more organized. Deadline: August 2010. Get my papers organized, and get my day organized as far as what I need to accomplish for that day. B. To pass my first set of classes. Deadline: July 2010. Work hard on my assignments, turn them in on time, and ask questions if I don’t understand something. My long term goal: To receive my CPA (certified public accountant) license. A. Study for the exam. Deadline: October 2010. Gather up all the information I will need to know for the exam. Call around to try and see if I can do a practice test. B. Try to locate some internship within my field. Deadline: September 2010. Somewhere in the forensic field where I can get hands on experience. I listed my goals in order of importance. I believe by getting my Associates degree
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Unformatted text preview: first will definitely steer me in the right direction for getting my life on track and making not only my family proud but myself as well. I also believe getting a job as a Forensic Accountant will help me feel like I have finally accomplished my goal I have been shooting for. As far as my short term goals to get more organized and to pass my first set of classes will help me achieve my long term goals by getting me focused on the big prize. Also studying for the exam and actually interning in that field will give me a clear understanding of the type of work I will be handling. These goals relate to my personal values system in terms of bettering myself and giving me a better life to look forward to....
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