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Technological Tools - read I myself do not listen to the...

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Checkpoint: Technological Tools I really enjoy using the technological tools that Axia College provides. These tools are essential to a student’s success. They provide an interactive setting to enhance the quality of distance education. Being able to complete my homework at work, gives me more free time to spend with my family. Everyone’s learning style is different from each other. Having three different formats for learning the material is a great advantage for the students. The audio is convenient if you are on the go, you can download them to your portable device. Although this format is at no use to me, it is suitable to some students because they do not have the time to sit and
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Unformatted text preview: read. I myself do not listen to the audio because it is much faster for me to read what I am supposed to then to listen. I can print off what I need and refer back to the document if necessary. The library is also a great tool the University provides. You can type in exactly what you are looking for and the exact matches of your search will show up. These tutorials give students a chance to explore new material at their own pace while being actually involved in their learning. These tools are also great for students who enjoy a more “hands on” approach to learning. It makes using online college much easier to navigate....
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