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Using the Proper Tone

Using the Proper Tone - formal when speaking with a...

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Using the Proper Tone When I started my classes with Phoenix, I had to remember I will be communicating with my instructors and classmates online. I have gotten so used to using internet lingo when talking with family and friends. When communicating with an instructor or classmate, you use correct English, correct spelling, punctuation, and make sure what you are saying makes sense. When communicating with family and friends, my writing is more laid back and not as
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Unformatted text preview: formal when speaking with a professor or classmate. Before sending a message or post to my instructor or classmate, I read what I wrote at least three times before sending it. I do this to make sure the spelling is correct, I used the correct words and to make sure there’s a period at the end of every sentence. Also it is best you take the tone of your message very seriously. It is important your messages are received as you intended....
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