Modern Challenges in Immigration

Modern Challenges in Immigration - successes or failures...

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Checkpoint: Modern Challenges in Immigration United States government policy should not favor certain kinds of immigrants. Everyone is created the same and each person should have equal and unbiased access to what our country has to offer. By favoring certain immigrants will lead to them being discriminated against and I most cases given an unfair advantage. America is mostly made up of immigrants from all kinds of nations. The United States government needs to take a look at all applicants and decide fairly who should be granted citizenship. A lot depend on who determines the standards for neediest, most talented, most oppressed and the richest. I don’t believe these four categories should determine if you will be granted citizenship or not. These
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Unformatted text preview: successes or failures are quick and sometimes irrational opinions of whoever is viewing the individual. Sometimes they tend to give rich people citizenship with ease; especially if they are trying to start a business here in the United States. Just because you are from a certain country should not give you priority with receiving your citizenship. No matter what country you are from the U.S. should still carefully examine each immigrant before granting them citizenship. As America becomes more culturally diverse, and terrorism risks continue, immigration will probably become an even more important source of population growth and national security....
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