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Detecting Plagiarism Checkpoint When I submitted the article, Lab Courses go Virtual, written by Thomas F. Edgar’s, to the Plagiarism Checker, the article was returned with a 100% similarity index. If this were a homework assignment submitted to me by a student, I would think there was absolutely no effort out into the assignment. I would be extremely dissatisfied with this student trying to pass off this paper as their own. As an instructor I would have a zero tolerance policy on papers that have been detected as being plagiarized. My first course of action would be to allow the student an opportunity to explain themselves as to why they handed in work as if it was their own. Next the student will receive a zero for that assignment. I will explain to the student that a deliberate disregard for plagiarism would not be
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Unformatted text preview: accepted. I would also tell the student I would have to inform the campus committee due to these actions. Also, I would be sure to reinforce the student code of conduct. I would explain to them how plagiarizing is dishonest and can be uncomforting to students who do not plagiarize. Lastly, I would inform the student on the other forms of behavior that constitute academic honesty. I would let them know about misrepresentation, fabrication, copyright infringement and unauthorized assistance. After letting the student know the consequences of plagiarism and other forms of academic honesty, I could only hope that this will never be a repeating issue with this student....
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