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U.S. Department of Justice Attorney’s Entry-On-Duty Bar Certification I, , .understand that each Depa. .rtment o~ Justice attorney must maintain an "active" membership in the bar of at least one State, territory or the District.of Columbia. I he.reby certify that I am an "active" member of the bar in my bar memb£rship number (if any) is (State, telritory or District of Columbia) and that I further understand that fail~re on my part to maintain an "active" bar membership at. any time during my employment as an attorney at the Department
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Unformatted text preview: may result in my pay .w. ithheld and subject me to possible disciplinary action. In additfon, for purposes of my background investigation, I hereby certify that, in addition to being an "active" member of the bar in the jurisdiction identified above,: I am a member of the bar of each State or territory listed below: State Date of Admission" Membership Status (For.each State listed, you must check one) Active Inactive (Provide month, day and year) Signature Date FORM DOJ- 54 ~ULY...
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