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Lab 1 / Michael Schonfeld A B C D E F Hypothesis Coffee Plant Fertilizer Unre±ned Sugar Flour Powdered Milk Powdered Sugar Color Brown / Shiny Dark Green / Brown Tan / Shiny White / Dull White / Dull White / Shiny Texture Gritty / Dry Gritty / Dry Gritty / Wet Smooth / Dry Smooth / Dry Smooth / Very very dry Shape Sharp edges Irregular / Sharp Edges Crystallin e Smooth Edges, Amorphou s Amorphou s Amorphou s Smell Sweet Odorless Sweet Chemicall y Sweet Odorless Odorless Solubility Insolubl e / In suspen sion Soluble / Not in suspensio n Soluble / In suspensio n Insoluble / Not in suspensio n Insoluble / In suspensio n Insoluble / Not in suspensio
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Unformatted text preview: n Density 1.5 1.5 1.5 1 1.5 1.2 Conclusion Coffee Plotting Soil Unre±ned Sugar Powdered Milk Baby Powder Powdered Sugar Questions: A. All of the substances gave both quantitative and qualitative data, in the form of smell, color, and solubility. B. My conclusion was the same as my hypothesis in substances A, C, and F. C. My conclusion was different than my hypothesis in substances B, D, and E due to smell inconsistencies, insolubility, and suspensions. D. My level con±dence for the guesstimations is about 75%....
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