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Mitosis a. The slides: 1. Telophase - The two divided cells are being de-condensed and become grouped in new nuclei. 2. One is displaying anaphase, while the other is displaying metaphase. 3. Anaphase - The cells look like they are just starting to break apart and move to opposite ends. 4. The next phase will be Anaphase, in which the chromatids will break apart and begin moving to opposite poles of the cell. 5. Prophase. The lower cell is displaying spindles around the ends. The cell above it looks to be in the Metaphase part. 6. They are called chromosomes. b. The purpose of mitosis is to create new cells in the body, usually for the growth and repair needs. c. Without the cell cycles, human beings could not repair and grow new cells in their body, thus won ʼ t be able to carry on their species. d. An embryo couldn ʼ t not develop without his cells dividing and growing using mitosis. Without mitosis the embryo will not be able to grow to a human baby.
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