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Lab 8 - d The detergent broke down the nucleus wall which...

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8. Extraction of DNA a. Under my microscope, it seems like I can only see clumps of strings, but not the DNA itself. b. No, I expected to see a single identifiable strand of DNA. c. Although I did not expect to see the double helix formation, I did expect to see some kind of a DNA structure, maybe even just a strand. Unfortunately, under the given microscope, I could not see anything regarding a single DNA structure.
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Unformatted text preview: d. The detergent broke down the nucleus wall, which is made of lipids (fats). e. DNA cannot dissolve in a cold rubbing alcohol environment. The colder the alcohol, the less soluble the DNA will be. And seeing as how we want to see our DNA, and not dissolve it, it is crucial that the alcohol will be as cold as we can get it to be....
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