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Lab 6 / Exercise 1 - Michael Schonfeld Photosynthesis Rates mm of travel Net Photosynthesis 11mm Respiration 5mm Gross Photosynthesis (Net Photosynthesis + Respiration)* 16mm Rate of Photosynthesis (Gross Photosynthesis ÷ 10 minutes) 1.6mm Starting point of solution : 24mm Ending point of solution : 35mm Ending point after dark : 30mm Questions: A. The plant produced the oxygen molecule when it was exposed to light. B. Water, and sodium bicarbonate were consumed to produce the oxygen. C. The light starts the reaction which removes hydrogen from the water molecule.
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Unformatted text preview: D. ATP stored from the photosynthesis reactions was consumed by the plane while it was in the dark. E. Carbon molecules are produced in the dark by the plant. F. The molecules went back into the water solution. G. Plants provide oxygen, which is crucial to all life. They separate hydrogen from water by using photosynthesis and release clean oxygen into the air. Without it, life could not exist. H. No. None. I. Bacteria that can photosynthesize by themselves would still continue to live....
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