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Lab 6 - Part 2 / Michael Schonfeld A. When I blew air into the Bromothymol Blue solution, I added oxygen to it, and it changed color to yellow. This happened because the CO2 dissolved in the water, and was added to the solution. Bromothymol Blue turns yellow when high levels of CO2 are present. B. The color turned green / dark blue. C. More oxygen was pumped into the tube. D. 30 minutes. E. The color changed to green / dark blue, showing that there was less CO2 in the solution. This happened because the water plant consumed some of the CO2 and released oxygen. When Bromothymol Blue turns blue (or green) it shows that there is
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Unformatted text preview: less or no CO2, when it turns yellow, it shows that the solution is saturated with CO2. This proved that the water plant consumed CO2 from the solution. F. When I conducted the experiment again without the water plant, the solution started and stayed yellow throughout the entire process, indicating CO2 present from blowing air into the solution. This shows that when there is nothing to consume CO2 from the solution, it will simply stay yellow, showing high levels of CO2 inside the solution....
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