Spring 09 Test 1 Blank - CHEMISTRY 225 TEST#1 MAY 22,2009 l...

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Unformatted text preview: CHEMISTRY 225 TEST #1 MAY 22,2009 l. NAME TOTAL (7s) GOOD LUCK! l. (18 Points) STRUCTURAL FORMULAS, ISOMERISM, AND NOMENCLATURE. a. ( l6) Pyruvic acid, condensed structural formula below, was named "Molecule of the Week" for the week ofMay 4 by the American Chemical Society. Presumably this accolade was in recognition ofthe biochemical significance of pyruvic acid, a compound formed by the anaerobic decomposition of glucose. ) J. 4. (18) (0e) (20) (18) (10) 5. complete sffuctural formula strucfural isomer lactic acid o (2) Write a complete structural formula for pyruvic acid showing all bonds, and all lone pairs. o (2) Fyruvic acid is a keto acid. Write a structure for a structural isomer of pyruvic acid. o (2) During heavy physical exercise pyruvic acid is converted to lactic acid, CiHeOr, a difunctional compound in which a hydroxyl group replaces the carbonyl group. Using any appropriate structural formula, write a structure for lactic acid. PERIODIC TABLE OF TIIE ELEMENTS 5t Cc bl t9 ?r l&a 60 t{d tl, 6l FE atar 6T SD tsa 63 EB r9a u Gd 19t G:' rt oo Dt fl Eo 06 Er g Tn lg9 ru Yb Itto 7t h tt!_o 9t TT 9l Pr :n U 9l Na 9r h 95 A! 96 Cr yl BT 9t ct 9!' Et aNlr tm tb a9r t0t Md tg, No tut ft 2 b ( _ / 7) Consider the highly branched alkane below: ?H2CH3 ?*' cH3cHcH2cHCH2CH2CCH3 CHs CHs structuralisomer o (l) Determine the molecular formula of this compound. o (l) Determine the total number of primary hydrogens in this compound. o (3) Provide the IUPAC name for this branched hydrocarbon. o (2) Write a condensed structural formula for an isomer of this compound with a propyl group as the only branch....
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Spring 09 Test 1 Blank - CHEMISTRY 225 TEST#1 MAY 22,2009 l...

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