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CHEMISTRY 225, SPRING 2010 TEST #4, TENTATIVE FORMAT Topics : Test #4 will focus on cyclic compounds (shapes and stereochemistry) and on stereochemistry of compounds with a more than one stereogenic carbon. A more detailed listing of topics can be found on CTools. BRING MOLECULAR MODELS References Textbook References: Sec. 4—8 4.14, Chapter 5 Coursepack pages: 25A and B, 29, 30A and B, 31 – 38 See also PowerPoint slides from 06/02, 6/04, and 06/07 Format of the Exam (Tentative) 1. (17 Points) STEREOCHEMISTRY WITH TWO STEREOGENIC CARBONS. Convert the structure of a molecule (that you’ve seen before) to an alternate stereochemical representation. Determine configurations. Write structures for stereoisomers of this and
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Unformatted text preview: other compounds. 2. (16 Points) CYCLIC COMPOUNDS AND CONFORMATIONAL ANALYSIS. Complete a conformational equilibrium. Identify sources of strain in a polycyclic compound. Write stereoisomers and structural isomers. Includes a bonus question. 3. (19 Points) CYCLIC STEREOCHEMISTRY. Questions about the stereochemical properties of certain molecules encountered recently in the scientific literature. See Orgo in the News on CTools 4. (9 Points) MORE STEREOCHEMISTRY WITH MORE THAN ONE STEREOGENIC C. Write Fischer projections for certain stereoisomers. Complete an organic reaction with due attention to stereochemistry. 5. ( 14 Points) MULTIPLE CHOICE. Same old, same old...
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