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CHEMISTRY 225, SPRING 2010 TOPICS FOR TEST #4 JUNE 11, 2010 II. Stereochemical Principles for Compounds with > 1 Stereogenic Carbon A. Stereochemical relationships with two C*’s 1. The diastereomeric relationship 2. The stereoisomers of 2,3,4-trihydroxybutanal (cont.) a. The complete set of stereoisomers b. Use of the Fischer projection 3. Meso compounds 4. Chemical implications of the diastereomeric relationship B. Stereochemical relationships for compounds with >2 stereocenters 1. Compounds with many stereocenters 2. Stereochemical principles for cyclic compounds U N I T V , C Y C L I C C O M P O U N D S I. Cycloalkanes A. Conformational analysis of cycloalkanes 1. Strain in cycloalkanes 2. Conformations of small ring cycloalkanes
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Unformatted text preview: B. Conformational analysis of cyclohexane 1. The chair conformation 2. The cyclohexane ring flipping process C. Conformational analysis of substituted cyclohexanes 1. Methylcyclohexane 2. Other substituents 3. Disubstituted cyclohexanes a. Geometric isomerism b. Conformational analysis of disubstituted cyclohexanes D. Stereochemical relationships in cyclic compounds 1. Conformational and stereochemical analysis of disubstituted cyclohexanes 2. Stereochemistry of complex cyclic compounds: three case studies [Rec., 06/09/10] E. Survey of bicyclic compounds TEXTBOOK REFERENCES: Sec 4.8 – 4.14, Chapter 5 COURSEPACK PAGES: 25A and B, 29, 30A and B, 31 – 38...
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