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225Sp10 Topics for Test _2 - 1 The pi bond revisited 2...

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CHEMISTRY 225, SPRING 2010 TOPTICS FOR TEST #2 MAY 28, 2010 C. Cyclic compounds 1. Cycloalkanes: structure, isomerism, nomenclature 2. Saturated hydrocarbons as the structural backbone of organic compounds D. Equivalent hydrogens and carbons 1. The substitution criterion 2. 13 C NMR Spectroscopy II. Dynamic Three-Dimensional Structures of Alkanes A. Rotational analysis of n -alkanes 1. Ethane: the Newman projection 2. Energetics of rotation in ethane 3. Rotational analysis of propane B. Rotational Isomerism of higher alkanes 1. Rotational isomers of n -butane 2. Longer carbon chains 3. Branched alkanes U N I T I I I , U N S A T U R A T E D H Y D R O C A R B O N S I. Alkenes A. Structure and Bonding in Alkenes
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Unformatted text preview: 1. The pi bond revisited 2. Geometric isomerism B. Alkene nomenclature 1. The IUPAC system 2. The E , Z-system 3. Special names for unsaturated groups C. Relative alkene stabilities 1. Experimental determination of stability 2. Unstable alkenes II. Alkynes A. Structure, bonding, and nomenclature 1. Bonding at the triple bond 2. Alkyne nomenclature B. Additions to double and triple bonds C. Acidity of terminal alkynes 1. Acidity and basicity (review from C 136) a. Bronsted-Lowry theory b. p K a as measure of acid strength 2. Terminal alkynes as weak acids 3. Properties of the acetylide anion...
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