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Recitations, Sp10 - Time in recitation will normally be...

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There are three recitation sections for Chem 225, each of which meet for one hour (OK, fifty minutes) twice a week. The recitations are scheduled for Monday and Wednesday at 9:10 (Sec 101), Monday and Wednesday at 12:40 (Sec 102), and Monday and Wednesday at 1:50 (Sec 103). You may attend whichever section you prefer, regardless of which section you are registered for. Recitations will begin meeting on Wednesday, May 13. For the first week of class only, there will be recitations on Friday at the regular times. Your participation in recitation is completely optional, but highly encouraged.
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Unformatted text preview: Time in recitation will normally be devoted to answering questions about the assigned readings and lecture material, and working assigned problems. Recitation will also be used to preview (and review) the weekly exams. Periodically new material will be introduced in recitation; special presentations will be announced in advance. There will be no quizzes or other graded assignments in recitation. The complete recitation schedule (subject to last-minute changes) is shown on a separate page....
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