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CHEMISTRY 225 STILL MORE ALKYL HALIDE REACTIONS WORKSHEET 1. Secondary alkyl halides can react by a variety of reaction mechanisms to afford either substitution or elimination product. Write equations, including reagents and products to illustrate how cis-1-bromo-2-methylcyclopentane can react by each of the indicated mechanistic pathways. Br CH 3 S N 2 E2 S N 1 and
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Unformatted text preview: E1 + 2. Because of their reactivity in substitution reactions alkyl halides often serve as the starting materials in organic synthesis. Complete the synthesis of the unsymmetrical ether below with structures for each of the indicated intermediates. CH 3 CH 2 C CH 3 CH 3 O CH 2 CH 3 + an alkyl halide NaH H 2 O acetone an alkyl halide...
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