Syllabus Summer 2010 - POLITICAL SCIENCE 101 INTRODUCTION...

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POLITICAL SCIENCE 101: INTRODUCTION TO AMERICAN POLITICS Summer 2010 Instructor: Vanessa Bouché Email: [email protected] Phone: 513-225-1542 Office: 2031 Derby Hall Whenever/wherever you want them to be. That’s the great thing about an online course! Course Description: This course is an introduction to the institutions, processes, and influences of American government, politics, and political behavior. It is roughly broken into two sections. The first five weeks of the course will focus on political elites, discussing the history and theories of American democracy, as well as its political institutions (Congress, Executive, Judiciary, and Bureaucracy). In the second half of the course, we will shift gears and focus on mass political behavior and interests. Course Logistics: You must get access to Soomo by going to . Click on “Student Signup” and follow all the prompts. Be prepared to pay $50 when you access the above website. The $50 payment covers your access to the course website as well as your access to the e-textbook. If you would also like a hard copy of the textbook for the class, you may pay an additional $25 and a hard copy will be sent to you. That is entirely your choice, but I highly encourage you to have a hard copy of the textbook at your disposal. Course Requirements: 1. Do the reading : To start off the week, you should read the assigned chapter(s) for that week. The online text is found on the Americans Governing website (where you can also order a hard copy of the text). For maximum effectiveness, you should take notes while you read the chapters and use the Powerpoint presentations to assist you. I will also post several “notes” per week on that week’s readings. The notes will appear on the CARMEN course homepage as “news” items; however, they will appear only in the week of that module. You should read and pay attention to the “notes” because they contain hints to some of the CARMEN quiz questions for that week. 2. Take quizzes on the reading : After you’ve completed reading the chapter(s) for the week, you should login to the CARMEN site and take the quiz on that week’s readings. The
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quizzes contain 10 multiple choice questions and are worth 10 points each. Quizzes for weekly modules are available only during the week that module is assigned . Quizzes are available starting at 7am Sunday and become unavailable at 10pm Saturday. For example, you must take the first week’s quiz on the Constitution and Federalism
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Syllabus Summer 2010 - POLITICAL SCIENCE 101 INTRODUCTION...

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