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midterm review page - 1 How many electrons flow through a...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. How many electrons flow through a battery that delivers a current of3.0 A for [2 5‘? a 1.0.112» 3A= 3—" 3Axizs = 16 =3“: b.1616"): :L 5 if. 213:3” is = 1.exio"*c :0] 62mm” (EGO/i.cx1a'”£ _ V r: 9.2Xl0 2. A completely ionized beryllium alum (net charge = Me) is accelerated throngh a potential dilference of 6.0 V. What is the increase in kinetic energy of the atom? a zem Inm 1m kE gAV h. 0.67eV g. 46?: eJJ-[e AV: (9 0V (row 3:.ch (zch-iev = 24W . A proton is moved from point A to point B. in a constant electric field by mextemol force. The magnitude oftlie electric field is 6 4 r. 10‘ WC; and' is pointed in the eirection MB to A (opposite to the direction the proton is moved}. Ifthe distance from point A to point B is 0.50 :11, what isthedifl‘erence. EPEB— EPEA, indie proton's electric potential t. “my? mood-11f. Mad-1M eEkm/t M3), ‘ +6 1; i-Eiilii “*1. M51 .5 PM“ "" :15 luv- fibEPE >E " .1... d5 1mg”; AET’EIF GDEAX = 1, gym-ii . -4Xip*i)[5x.ia_ :5 if: e. name-”.1 = ‘ 30TolalPoints . In the drawing there ire nur charges «the same magnllude, a, but with difiering signs. The magnitude in sinus. The distance .. Ihe charsesarelmm we point P atthe intersection nillle 1w taxis lsd:4 meters. .myiaXtiew} 2':— "“133 Em: in Points what h theTOTAL potential at F wine In mm 4 charge: Teddi. Towing at ‘P we cum .ilfxl‘ifivfi: allege- relative In infinityl? {A {Jud-I“! 5 Pointslratest diarge Dirlplc has a kinetic energy ofllouleet point P whenil isfreely Inwins.wliet will he ns Iinelic energy when il escapes to a distance very far mayhem the original 4 diarges iassuminy mat the 4 mines in the'driwing remain fixed In place and aroma only charge: in me vlclrtltvl'i Est-11R? = EFWM‘ k1 Esmrr *' EPE other ‘1 l. Four identical conducting metal spheres have the following charges: Sl=+2pCz $2=10uC; S3=4uC, S4: ~4uC. They we brought together and make good electrical contact. They are then separated. What are the charges on each sphere aficr separation? a. The charges on the spheres do nut change 9PM 5‘ W h. The charge disappears and the each sphere has no charge :61»? Metric/1.2:. c. Each of the spheres have the largest charge. that of 32, =10uC Each ofthe spheres have 3 |,IC e. Lone ofthe above 2. A1 what separation will two charges, Wm exert a force of 1.4 N on :21: 11=1= £ng @3143“ 1.1.1“ —. g5 qnxzo‘)(éX/o") (61cm 5) S: 3:31;“ 1"?— F l mewumwmmmmmwm-apusz-im skinny-41K). Theymhunhlwmmdiemdebcuialeom More tho-squid. Wmfledflgwmeflimaflnm e. memesmrhesphaeedomehnm fiMMeL on“ b mwnwmmmmmmm c. muwmmmmmmnn-mm+ :Sum i615“ = fit— ] ®Elchoflllesphuullv¢3pc 2. nimmwniimdmw'mnrmoruum semi-L1 0. Non omui Hm! ”ii: We m E933.“ { 1m:s.qq1¢19")(ém")(5xia") d. 0.23m 11. 2.0111 ‘3 an F'- 'Jlnmflultwoliledmmmerhmiazfl N. Wllwmfldbofllsfomifh fimbamflnmclurgnwenincmhy-fmmrnmfiomiisariginatuhe'l 'J. :13: Fl’ i . it: #11:! shewfig“ e. Noneafflwllxwe ZT‘H‘ 4 mowinmiuMewmmmmmmnmIm-mz muleZVela. .r'.- r '1. r_ .r Wlluil lie_ mummiuoilhnhmmmpniilw . when. q Mad 1.. wee b. -3.33rm“c 4n me I” c. x |‘l’: C933 115°C . . [AN - E93. =_i§__b‘l V , l¢1= ME” “$15.1: =lfi$fihio ‘Vmi 1.1- V8: V5.0. *' Mon+vfllwfiii '- “3: 344le Mug/.1 =12/C‘ (g chart =3“ «WW 4. Three point charges —Q, —Q, and +3Q are arranged along a line as shown' in the sketch. Which one .3me following Statements is true some the work done by an external What' IS the electric potential at the point P? mg 20m: in moving an electron at constant speed between two points in an electrostatic field? a 1.ka a. The work done' is always zero joules. b. wngip h. The work done' is always positive. c. -15ka .- c. The work done only depends on the speed of the electron. 4-1.6ka d. work done depends on the total distance covered. e. +44ka . R . 11 \i‘ ewo one epen son yon sp emento e ec‘lron _ , E _ (h ‘ The potentiai difference across the ends of a wire. is doubled' in magnitude. If Ohms law (-3} “I? 3' V M fill/M 'L/ is ogeyed which one of the following 'sinremerns concerning the resistance of the wire is - true at?) CWT?“ io n [email protected] z‘nkffléfl 5333:4119. siwe1f§1wliifi a. The resistance is one half of is original value, -. The resistance is twice its ori' 1 a value. . 11- ream v: ce increases 131 a ctor offour. e. The resistance decreases by a factor nffonr. The resistivity ofasilver wire with a radius cram x104 m £1.59 x 111-“ n, m. Iflhe length ofthe wire is 3. 00 111. what is the resistance ofthe wire? 0.05980 l1. 4 I c 9 46 in) d. 0.1670 e. 1.88 11 @P'J.“ SHM‘EEii :3+::J=:(E 5. Which one of the following statements is true concerning the strength of the electric field between two oppositely charged parallel [1111th It' is zero midway between the plates. It is a maximum midway between the plates. It is a maximum near the positively charged plate. . It is a maximum near the negatively charged plate a. h. a-n lR would 51 E. A +10 pic point charge 1: nivml l‘ium [Null B In pvilll A ui the uniform 3V/111 electric field as shown. Which one of Ilie following statemenlx is necessarily true concerning the electrical potential energy of Ihc paint charge? a. it increases by a n x 104.1. 1:. Itdccreases by 6.0 x 10*1. Vvv 49V “W W” EV Elilitfiitiiflri‘31711 an... .1. Few mom v-bt'." \fm't ML“ —- bV‘ffim if) 8 girfireisi‘sbiioxmovr Evan? “55M A4 C—JA- , curve" w x 91 M "’ ‘30 1750““ mm (0 :om:wh%emml% Qwflhomw . ’lE'PEi =<53E1><A= 25%, :r (1,0,) Lc)(30m’)(>v/w)=q 7 Hnw many electrons flnvi throng. a battery that deliver: a current ofS 0 Amps for 1 Minnie? m ("a/"RM “0‘5 3. 3.11110: G) ZI‘t iswinewrmisoiebmrywieg'e.v.§ Q £33; “(EC/‘05) = 300 Q d. 4.0x1u“ (we? 43:26:67 -'1. mo“ 1} A11 air conditioner running 1111 l 10 Volts draws [5 amps How much does it cost to run for 8 hours, if the cost of electricity is 15 cents per kilowatt— hr? s ApproximatelyZOcents ?OW~ [1!0V7OEA) =(' (.50ka Approximately $2 - fifiygygai-lnri‘iéir _ _ - n 1.1 51; enrol; 4- 1812141- WV roxin e — 0 i3 ‘Z 1 _ 11:...122111E... Kw 1‘; L9)“ “5 7:11 1515 ‘ ,' Ioneuriheshme {1__.I.= (r5. 23((17- if) A +3.0 MC em 11‘: n (em patent in m 9:1hnciw;irifirw“:mn magnitude)? 'fi M “ ...
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