World Geography final terms

World Geography final terms - World Geography Terms and...

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World Geography Terms and Concepts: Relative Location: your location in relation to another location Connectivity: The degree to which different locations are linked with one another through transportation and communication infrastructure Continentality & Continental Climate: Climate regions in continental interiors, removed from moderating oceanic influences, characterized by hot summers and cold winters. At least one month must avg below freezing (Russia) Hearth and Diffusion: Where something, an idea or disease originates, and diffusion is characterized by the spreading of that idea or disease (AIDS) Monsoon climate: When there are extreme wet and dry seasons due to seasonal pattern changes in winds, heat, and moisture (India) Physical vs. Human Geography: Physical Geo refers to the earth’s natural landscapes and characteristics and human geography is how humans interact and impact the patterns of the earth (example: salinization) Push-pull forces of migration: Push is factors that force people to move out of a place such as war, poverty, disease, and pull factors are forces that make people want to move to that area like: better economic opportunity, peace time, freedom of religion (Mexico and U.S) Spatial Variation: differences from place to place such as (religion, geography, climate, languages) Absolute vs. relative location: the exact longitude latitude of a location, (relative see above) Antipodes: the opposite location of a geographical point (North Pole/South Pole) Anthropogenic: Human caused change in the natural environment such as the Aral Sea because the Soviets used its water source for irrigation and dried out the source Archipelago: island group often orientated in an elongated pattern (Hawaii, Indonesia, Japan) Balkanization: geopolitical process of fragmentation of larger states into smaller ones through independence of smaller regions and ethnic groups
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Caste System: complex division of south Asian society into different hierarchically ranked hereditary groups. (Hindu society, the untouchables) “China Proper:” China proper consists of the eastern part of China, where the Northern China plain is, Beijing, and also the most densely populated place…traditionally Han dominated Country Size: measuring a country in various ways such as population, arable land, total physical area of land within borders (Egypt….nile river) Diaspora: the scattering of a particular group of people over a vast geographical area. Ethnic dispersion. Originated with the migration of Jews out of their homeland.
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World Geography final terms - World Geography Terms and...

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