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Unformatted text preview: Intl 77 Map List for EUROPE I. Physical geography . Be prepared to locate the following geographic features: North Sea Baltic Sea Mediterranean Sea English Channel Danube R. Dardanelles Straits Bosporus Straits Black Sea Pyrenees Mts. The Alps Ural Mts. Balkan Peninsula Iceland Political geography . Be prepared to locate the international boundaries of these large or historically important countries. Also, name and locate the capitals of those countries with more than twenty million population [marked with an asterisk (*)]. Austria Belgium Bosnia (& Herzegovina) Czech Rep. Denmark France* Germany* Greece Hungary Ireland (Rep.) Italy* Netherlands 1 Poland* Portugal Romania* Russia (Eur. part)* 2 Serbia (former Yugo.) 3 Spain* Sweden Switzerland Turkey (Eur. part) 4 Ukraine* United Kingdom* 5 Some other countries you should locate, but will not be quizzed on, include: Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Norway, Slovakia, and...
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