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NAFTA map list - . Be prepared to locate the international...

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INTL 77 Map List for NAFTA countries and Caribbean area I. Physical geography . Be prepared to locate the following geographic features: Tropic of Cancer Arctic Circle Rocky Mts. Sierra Madre Occidental Sierra Madre Oriental Sierra Madre Del Sur Baja California Yucatan Pen. L. Michigan Columbia R. Mississippi R. Rio Grande (US-Mex) Gulf of Mexico Caribbean Sea Puerto Rico II. Political geography
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Unformatted text preview: . Be prepared to locate the international boundaries of these six countries. Also, name and locate the capitals of those four countries with more than ten million population. Canada* United States* Mexico* Cuba* Haiti Dominican Republic III. Economic and cultural geography . Also be prepared to locate the following: New York Chicago Los Angeles Quebec (prov.) Vancouver, B.C. Cayman Islands Guantanamo, Cuba (city, bay, US naval base)...
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