4111lec5N - soc 4111 Week 5 A Labeling Moral Entrepreneurs...

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soc 4111 uggen 1 Week 5: Chris Uggen – Sociology 4111 1 B.Learning and Control joel best on rise of labeling • labeling “more a sensibility than a theory” – qualitative, critical, hipster (?) worldview – who were the villains and fools? heros? • Becker: Don’t ask why some people commit deviant acts, but “why are some acts Chris Uggen – Sociology 4111 2 sanctioned and labeled as deviant?” – Questions authority: “whose side are we on?” • Goffman: a problem of “spoiled identities” (acts, physical characteristics) Five minute video: Gattaca Individual-level theories: labeling (Becker 1963) Assumptions Societal reaction defines and creates deviance Labels affect identity and self-concept Conflict, not consensus on norms Chris Uggen – Sociology 4111 3 Concepts 1. Primary and secondary deviance (Lemert) 2. “Rule-breaking behavior” vs Deviance 3. Moral entrepreneurs (Tuggle & Holmes on smoking ban (10 interviews)) Create and enforce deviant categories Crusading reformers, experts, rule enforcers “Status politics” of competing groups 4. Deviant Careers
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soc 4111 uggen 2 rule-breaking vs deviance Behavior Obedient Rule Breaking ---------------------------------------------------------- Perceived as Deviant | Falsely Accused Pure Deviant Not Perceived as Deviant | Conforming Secret Deviant Chris Uggen – Sociology 4111 4 moral entrepreneurs create deviance by making the rules whose infraction constitutes deviance, & by applying those rules to particular people & labeling them as outsiders A recognizable sequence or career in interaction with other actors Labels have consequences, “stigma” Erving Goffman: Stigma and “Spoiled Identity” (1963) • Social life as a stage, a drama •S t i g m a as an “undesired differentness” turning others away (3 types) 1. Physical deformities (“abominations of the body”) 2. Blemishes of individual character (e.g., addiction) Chris Uggen – Sociology 4111 5 3. Tribal stigmas of race, nation, religion • Two groups – The discredited – cannot hide or have revealed trait • Must manage tension in interaction – The discreditable – concealable traits • Must avoid the damage by concealing trait
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4111lec5N - soc 4111 Week 5 A Labeling Moral Entrepreneurs...

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