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Outline: Adler Ch.7 Labeling Theory 1. Definition of Deviance, by way of the Interactionist Perspective 2. Becker’s Observation: Society defines and creates deviance a. Prohibitions against assumptions that the system is perfect (people aren’t perfect), so the label of ‘deviance’ may be inconsistently applied b. Therefore, the study of ‘deviant’ individuals is not as important c. What is important is the study of the effect of being labeled ‘deviant’, regardless of actual ‘deviance’; The label itself carries significance 3. The social response to deviant acts varies greatly, depending on several factors: a. Response may vary by time/situation/opportunity (including political climate) b. The person committing the deviant act (Race and/or gender, i.e.: DWB, or ‘Driving White Black”) c. The victim of the deviant act (i.e.: young white woman as opposed to middle aged Hispanic male) d. If certain consequences occur (i.e.: extramarital sex resulting in the pregnancy of a girl)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Distinction between Rule ‐ Breaking Behavior and the Deviant Label a. Deviance cannot exist without an actual response from society towards the deviance b. Rule ‐ breaking behavior exists simply because of pre ‐ existing rules being broken 5. Possession of a master trait carries implied, auxiliary traits a. Positive: Being a ‘doctor’ (with a master trait of a license to practice medicine) carries traits of wealth, White, male, Protestant. Dissonance can occur if master trait does not match with auxiliary traits (i.e.: Black female doctor) b. Negative: Criminal (master trait having been convicted of a crime) carries auxillary traits of antisocial behavior, thievery and violence, with the crime may have been totally unrelated 6. Some traits are strong enough to be ‘master ‐ trait’ level, i.e.: Race (a Black doctor is considered Black first and doctor second). Deviance is also strong enough to be a ‘master ‐ trait’....
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