socweek2a - soc 4111 12/29/2009 Week 2A: Criminology,...

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soc 4111 12/29/2009 chris uggen 1 Chris Uggen – Sociology 4111 1 Week 2A: Criminology, Deviance, and the Hobbesian Problem of Order Chris Uggen – Sociology 4111 2 recap • Basic definitions of deviance, norm, role, and subculture • Kai Erikson’s classic on functions of deviance • Deviance and morality • Today: – Criminology v. Deviance • Hobbes, order, and control – Deviant careers • First, a bit more stigma Chris Uggen – Sociology 4111 3 Criminology v. Deviance • Piece in The Criminologist : – Talk prepared for sociologists, written for criminologists • Crime as violation of criminal law • Deviance as violation of social norms – 3 Propositions • Stigma determines individual life chances and institutional outcomes • Durkheim and community notification • Sociology of deviance is heavy metal
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12/29/2009 chris uggen 2 Chris Uggen – Sociology 4111 4 Thomas Hobbes 17 th Century English Philosopher Non-sociological conception of life as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short” and a “war of all against all” “Leviathan” as Hobbes’ solution “Hobbesian problem of order” How can we create a society in which self-interested people don’t use force and fraud to satisfy their (criminal, sexual, substance-abusing …) wants? Or… Chris Uggen – Sociology 4111 5 Q: why isn’t there more deviance? A: Social Controls We would if we dared… 3 “solutions” to Hobbesian dilemma 1. Normative – socialization and internalization of shared norms and values (Durkheim, Parsons: coordination between means and ends) 2. Exchange – desire to maintain mutually beneficial relationships in interdependent society (rational choice: amoral) 3. Conflict – coercive power of legitimate social control agents (Hobbes) Chris Uggen – Sociology 4111 6 three solutions as lenses • Appeal to morality, reason, or fear using social controls (coach/boss/prof) • Clinard on Social Control – Learn self-control through socialization – Informal social controls – unofficial, private, often face-to-face sanctions • Sampson and Laub vs. Clinard – Formal social controls – official sanctions, especially law (e.g., Leviathan) • Table 2.2 – examples of institutions (U of M), agents (Prof), deviance (cheat), and sanction • Do we “legislate morality”? Should we? • Law based on harm, morality, and enforceability
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socweek2a - soc 4111 12/29/2009 Week 2A: Criminology,...

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