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Unformatted text preview: & Welcome tracimann & Log out & Edit your account & Help Salon The Web Search Go! & & Tuesday, Mar 13, 2007 & A&E & Books & Comics & Community & Life & News & Politics & Opinion & Sports & Tech & Business & Letters Log out What if? I used to ask myself what I could have done to save Eddie. Now I realize: I was asking the wrong person. By A.R. Torres Page 1 May 17, 2002 | I am angry when I go to the city office to reclaim Eddie's three I.D. cards and get a World Trade Center urn. The city worker there presents me with the urn and a large flag, a tight triangle folded so that the stars and stripes are all showing. I grit my teeth and ask: "What would Eddie's family in Colombia want with that?" I have been steeped in the day's news about how the government may have blundered and could have, should have, stopped the tragedy of 9/11 before it happened. The sight of Old Glory, meant to be a comfort, a talisman for protection, feels like a slap in the face. "Do you have kids?" the worker asks sternly. She is trying to break me, make me cry, I think. This payback for my being so rude to her. My eyes water when I answer the question. "Yes, my son and my two stepsons." I hear my voice -- little, sad, barely in control -- and am reminded that this person has Page 1 of 3 What if? - Salon 3/13/2007 http://dir.salon.com/story/mwt/feature/2002/05/17/widow_speaks/index.html done me no wrong. She doesn't deserve this. It isn't her fault and it isn't mine that we are still poisoned with grief. Neither of us had anything to do with the powers that be, the powers that forced us together on this day for an exchange of symbolic goods. I apologize....
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16.torres.whatif - & Welcome tracimann...

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