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problem5 - A hanging wire made of an alloy of iron with...

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Unformatted text preview: A hanging wire made of an alloy of iron with diameter 0.09 cm is initially 2.6 m long. When a SS kg mass is hung from itl the wire stretches an amount 1.36 cm. A mole of iron has a mass of 55 grams, and its density is 7.57 gfcm3. Based on these experimental measurements, what is Young's modulus for this alloy of WON? v: 2e11 «I sz As you've done before, from the mass of one mole and the density you can find the length of the interatomic bond (diameter of one atom). This is 2.28 X 10'10 m for iron. As shown in the textbook, the micro quantity its; (the stiffness of one interatomic bond) can be related to the macro property Y: k5,, = 45.8 V me SubniNewAnswsToQuestimli SaveWork ...
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