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2. Victim surveys seek to avoid the influence of police agency. .. (worth 1 point) 3. In the United States, (worth 1 point) 4. The Uniform Crime Report includes (worth 1 point) 5. Many criminologists conclude that self-reported survey data . .. (worth 1 point) 6. In the UCR, the FBI presents crime data as a(n)rate per 100,. .. (worth 1 point) 7. Many observers believe the UCR (worth 1 point) 8. The strongest statistical determinant of criminal behavior a. .. (worth 1 point) 9. Drug-related crimes account for nearly _________ of the wome. .. (worth 1 point) 10. Part One offenses in the UCR are known as index crimes. (worth 1 point) 11. The statement has been made that “Baltimore is actually a ve. .. (worth 1 point) 12. Flaws in the UCR cited in the text include all but (worth 1 point) 13. In the United States, (worth 1 point) 14. A crime is an act that is considered to be an wrong (worth 1 point) 15. The dark figure of crime is often portrayed in crime movies. (worth 1 point) 16. Part II offenses do not include (worth 1 point)
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Unformatted text preview: 17. Civil law involves (worth 1 point) 18. The index crime rate (worth 1 point) 19. The Uniform Crime Report includes (worth 1 point) 20. Mala in se and mala prohibita are clear concepts because th. .. (worth 1 point) 21. Civil and criminal law (worth 1 point) 22. The two categories of law-civil and criminal-are distinguish. .. (worth 1 point) 23. Crime trends today include (worth 1 point) 24. The National Incident-Based Reporting System presents a more. .. (worth 1 point) 25. Among the most important distinctions that can be made about. .. (worth 1 point) 26. Nationally, the number of murders has ________ since 2000 an. .. (worth 1 point) 27. The first large-scale victim survey in the U.S. took place i. .. (worth 1 point) 28. The Model Penal Code provides for ____ degrees of felony. (worth 1 point) 29. The index crime rate (worth 1 point) 30. Self-report survey data are collected (worth 1 point)...
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