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SFU - CMPT 150 - Assignments - 5

SFU - CMPT 150 - Assignments - 5 - 2 Construct a...

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c ± A.H.Dixon CMPT 150 : Assignment 5 1 Due 23:59 Monday, April 7, 2008 (1 page) NOTE: Before you prepare your final submission, please access the course web- site and check the “Submissions” link for information on how to present your solutions and what to submit for marking. You are responsible for having read these guidelines and marks may be deducted for not following them. For the following programming exercises, you are to use only the instructions provided on the “HC-12 ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE SUBSET for Assignment 5”. This can be down- loaded from the link below the assignment link. 1. In HC-12 assembly language, write and test a program that will convert a small letter to a capital letter but leave unchanged any letter that is already capitalized or any character that is not a letter. SUGGESTION: Before you start writing the program, examine a table of the ASCII character codes and compare the codes for capital letters and small letters. Such a table can be found in many references including the textbook (page 27).
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Construct a stack-frame diagram that describes the organization of stack memory for a subprogram version of your answer to question 1. In to the space needed for the argument values, return value, and return address, you need only allocate space for the registers you will require to perform your algorithm, along with any additional local storage you might also require,. 3. Convert your solution to question 1 to a subprogram based on the memory organiza-tion described by your stack frame diagram in question 2. 4. Write a main program to edit a character string so that any small letters in the string are capitalized. As test data for your program, use the character string: "CMPT 150: Intro. to Computer Design" NOTE: a character string is a list of characters. Using the Submission Server, submit a zip file named Assign-4.zip that contains the main.lst file for your answer to question 3, along with a copy of your stack-frame dia-gram...
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